Keeping It Together Keeping It Together

Keeping It Together

“If only there were just ten more minutes in the day!”

Keeping It Together is the story of KIT CARLETON (37) who dreams of being a fiercely independent woman but is perpetually betrayed by her overactive womb. After a fling and two failed marriages, Kit finds herself broke with three kids. Like every struggling single mom, she wants to give her girls the life that they deserve. But everything spins out of control when her most recent ex-husband switches teams and leaves her for his gorgeous Golf pro and then to add insult to injury, sues her for custody. Barely hanging on by her fingernails, Kit battles the slings and arrows of family life, law school, and waitressing, jumping through hoops to do whatever it takes to keep her family together in this quirky and heartwarming sitcom about family and ambition and the struggle that comes with ‘Keeping It Together’.