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Kate Hess: Actress. Writeress. Laundress.

Kate Hess is a performer at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles where she performs her one lady Masterpiece Theatre parody Murder Abbey which has sold out shows at the UCB in L.A. and New York.. Murder Abbey was named one of the top Downton Abbey parodies in The Daily Beast and called a "cri-de-coeur" by June Thomas of Slate. Time Out New York said "The funny, silly character performer Kate Hess's solo show skewers mannered British period dramas, Downton Abbey among them". At UCB in New York she was a member of the UCB Maude team Neighbor Boy and also wrote and starred in the The Palin Family All Star Revue and Election Spectacular and We Kate Shelly which Time Out NY called "silly, adroit and unique all at once". She has also performed in Gravid Water with Jason Sudeikis and Scott Adsit. She trained in long form improvisation at UCB and studied acting at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London