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I'm a fledling comedian and writer who also aids high school plays for fun. I'm a comedy nerd to my core and a music geek to just above my bones. I love 8o's references and geek culture which my brother/comedy partner James explore often in our work. I live in Alhambra, hometown of Cheryl Tiegs and Kenny Loggins and no one significant has come out of there since the 70's. Watching "Mystery Science Theater" with my brother when I was 6 made me want to be a comedian. I was a little sardonic prodigy by age 13 thanks to my brother's influence. I hope to someday start my own comedy theater or festival someday to showcase and nurture the talent of struggling comedic minds. I love live comedy because it's just people and ideas. I'm just a nice girl who loves comedy and would like to think she knows her stuff.