Karina Villegas Karina Villegas

Karina Villegas

Karina is an Actress and a Comedian from Caguas, Puerto Rico residing in Los Angeles, CA. She has the Sofia Vergara Accent but with a Deadpan delivery characters.' I make people laugh all the time with my dry spontaneous way of talking. No shame of my Latina accent and mispronunciations. My Comedy Coach has told me'," If you have it, you have to embrace it and exaggerated, because Hollywood is changing, " 'which I didnt expect that advice'. The bottom line This is Comedy. Her Multi-Ethnic looks make people wonder where she from. ' Im glad that our fellow latina Puertorican/Dominican Zoe Saldana got the role for the movie Colombiana. The movie it has help me a lot here in Hollywood. People are more open minded about Latinos, and their ancestor'. Reminiscent of Deadpan-comedians like Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Aubrey Plaza and Heather Morris with roles ranging from In their own universe and The lovable looser types of characters and with her broken English is endlessly hilarious. Shes active taking training in Sitcom classes with different teachers and auditioning.