This little dino is rollerskating all over your face.

KaraDactyl KaraDactyl

Two Very Enthusiastic Thumbs Up: Purchasing absurd amounts of literature. World cinema. Tennessee Williams. Printemps à Londres. Kansas City Royals. Thunderstorms. Museums. Journeys of the audio realm. Anthropology. Feminism. Art Nouveau. Ophelia "Wu-Tang" Bedelia, my little demon monster of a feline. Kansas City Chiefs. Buying organic. Traveling the world. The Marx Brothers. Garrison Keillor. Riot Grrrl. Rod Serling. Patsy Cline. Pita&Hummus. My Special Edition "Hong Meow" Diana F+ analog camera from Lomo. Festivals. Tempura vegetables. Arts&Crafts time. Minnetonka Moccasins. Chelsea FC. Zombie films. Calypso. Lucille Ball. Chicago. Live shows. Mussed-up hair. Austin, Texas. V-neck tee shirts. Relaxing at the lake. Golden Age Hollywood Cinema. Pretty much any little linguistic jewel out of the mouth of my drunken wordsmith K Krunkity. Monsters. My "Popcorn Counts as a Vegetable" theory. Using reverse, reverse psychology. Getting fired up. Negatory Broseph Eating animals. Getting poked in the eye. Murky water with sea creatures. Aluminum foil. Bananas. Incorrect spelling. Living an unsustainable lifestyle. Unnecessary abbreviations. Reality television. Puppets and dolls. Individuals who have nothing nice to say.