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My name is Justin Howdyshell, my stage name is Justin Howdyshell, my friends call me Justin, or Man, maybe Bro, or even Babe, my three dogs call me woof or grrrr, but that’s rare, some people refer to me as that Masked Man Running, girls usually call me Justin, J, Hun, Baby, Sexy or Major Ass, but hey, when your ass looks this good I really don’t care, I take it as a compliment. I have trouble buying sunglasses that fit anymore which sucks, but hey, you star in several Geico commercials and your head gets huge, so call me watermelon head, just make sure its seedless;) I drink Mountain Dew like a shark, I put so much of that green stuff in me, my friends sometime call me Radiator, but from a distance sounds like they are screaming Gladiator, that always impresses the ladies;) I have a slight temper, I did kill a man once, but hey. he said hello to me wrong, he should have pronounced the o more, I thought he said hell. I’ve been on stage more than the Beetles, I perform all my own stunts in every film I have ever done, so Tom Cruise has nothing on me, and I do more voices than Darrel Hammond, Dana Carvey, Bill Hader, Jim Henson and Jim Carey combined. I hope you don’t take any of this as bragging but hey if that’s the way you want to take facts, whatever. Normal day at my condo is hanging out with Eric Roberts, helping him with a bio script, sharing recipes with Martha Stewart, skeet shooting with Madeline Stowe passing the football with Jason Cambell or maybe even having a freestyle battle with Eminem Be Strange but not a Stranger, so message me or massage me sometime, I may never get back to you but hey, you have the pleasure of knowing I ignored you.

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