Julio Thunderbritchez Julio Thunderbritchez

Julio Thunderbritchez

I'm a boot up ya ass delivery boy and I'm constantly workin' overtime!

Born in a Syrian back alley by a sluttish woman hopped up on Iranian crystal meth, and ever since he has been on a mission to distribute teaspoons fulla sexy to all. Julio is a sketch/improv comedian and writer who began he career with the Second City in Detroit, where he spent three years. His stand-up credits include opening up for Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook and Jaime Kennedy. In the mean time he is armed with a satchel fulla a delicious comedy scripts that will be viewed by Nursing Homes and Bible Studies all over the Staten Island borough very soon. All of the videos on this page are fully improvised, filmed, edited, scored and star Julio Thunderbritchez. Stay tuned for more steady hot hustle hand!