Julian Kross Julian Kross

Julian Kross

Comedian, Author, Asshole.

A 37 year old daughter of three, Julian Kross was born in Southern Germany in 1941. A sorted childhood began when he was forced to escape Nazi territory by accepting a job in Nascar. When in the early 60’s it became clear he was not cut out for a career built around the mindless following of ignorance and lies he quickly jumped into a life of politics. The social turmoil of this decade combined with the 1920’s issues with prohibition ended his political career just before he was to receive county wide recognition. Forced to choose a new line of work, Kross made it clear his goal was to be in the public spotlight by writing unpublished short stories under the pen name Harriet Tubman. Through his research during the sexual revolution of the 1950’s he met and married his soulmate, twice. With the support of his second wife Julian was able to find the courage to overcome the adversity caused by the civil rights movement of the 1980’s. With the end of the Vaudevillian era, it became clear his only chance at a future in the entertainment industry was in talky pictures and radio. It was that realization that finally sent Julian Kross on a clear path to become a lawn maintenance engineer or a stand up comedian. If that’s not the information you were looking for, then here are a few more specifics. In 2002 Julian Kross became a regular performer at Todd Yohn’s Funny Bone Comedy Club in High Point, NC. It was at this club where he developed a style that has been called forceful, unrelenting, and politely charming. Julian has appeared at Carolines on Broadway, The Laugh Factory, The Stardome, and countless other clubs all over the country. Kross is a contributing writer for Cringe Humor, the author of What You Didn't Expect When You Were Expecting, and is now based in New York City where he can occasionally be seen in one of the many comedy clubs or BBQ joints.