Julian Barnett Julian Barnett

Julian Barnett

is a vessel of humiliation

Hello.... This is Julian Barnett. Before continuing, please check that all your Julian's are in their respective Barnett's. Should at any time you misplace your Julian, a replacement shall be issued at no additional charge. On the other hand, should you lose or misplace your Barnett, you will have to pay for a new one, as they don't run cheap. Losing both your Julian and your Barnett will result in prosecution punishable to the fullest extend of the law. If you don't treat your Julian right, other Julian's may show up at your house, and take your Barnett. As a rule Never take out your Barnett in public. Keep your Julian clean. Always feed your Julian and treat him fair. If you have free time, grab your Barnett's, head outside, and throw a Julian around. Please be careful, as Julian's are not easy to come by. Don't sell Barnett's to minors. If you don't cook your Julian thoroughly, you may get a case of the Barnett's. Finally, and this is common sense always wear a Julian. Not doing so could result in a burning, painful Barnett, and an itchy Julian. Worse, your Julian could fall right out of your Barnett. So Please wear a Julian, or run the risk of being Barnetted. THANK YOU!