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Josh Wolf

i'm from amherst, mass. and i've been doing comedy for about 10 years. about 12 years ago i hooked up with a girl who had two kids (i know, i know), we dated for a while and then had one of our own. not still with the girl, still with the three kids. had a couple of shots at my own tv show, do a bunch of shows on the road, just starting to figure out this computer shit. been writing on sitcoms for the last 3 years or so (yes, dear...all of us...cuts)and blah-di-fuckin'dah. that's boring for me so i can only imagine how boring it is for you to read it. Interests include the red sox, having a cocktail and two vicodin when the kids go to sleep...wait, if my kids are reading this that's code for smores and hot cocoa, listening to joe diaz talk about the oulaw josey wales (best movie ever made), making sure my daugter doesn't date until she leaves the house and...the red sox. Music everybody says everything right? me, too. the beatles, bob marley, nirvana, soundgarden, the who, the beastie boys, b.i.g., any rock ballad (i'm close to tears right now), the black crowes, led zep, white stripes, drive by truckers, n.w.a, stickball, counting crowes, seriously, this list could keep going and going. oh, and i am man enough to admit that i may have neil diamond's greatest hits. Movies i like the bad ones as much as the good ones, so again...everything. godfather, thief, anything with selma hayek in it, clockwork orange, early sandler, young frankenstein, clint, east of eden, i'm a lord of the rings dork (something about those furry little fuckers), 40 year-old virgin, on and on and on we can go. i'll also watch attack of the killer tomatoes with a six pack and accessories and have just as good of time. i just can't do subtitles. i came to watch not to read. don't confuse me. Television anything where people willingly get humiliated. the thing i do love about the reality shows is these idiots who want their 15 minutes of fame and get emotionally crushed. i don't dig the unsuspecting humiliation so much, besides punk'd because they're rich and don't count, but most of us commoners have enough crap in our lives. we don't need our best friends putting a hidden camera in our cars so the country watches us pick our nose. other than that, my name is earl, cuts (because i write on it), anything comedy channel that my buddies are on, lost, lost and lost. Heroes anyone that has a child, raises them for 18 years and doesn't commit any kind of heinus crime on them or become a raging alcoholic in the meantime.