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Josh Rachlis

will be hosting the Oscars next year! (Does anyone know who to talk to book that

I'm an Advertising Copywriter in Toronto. In my spare time, I like to act. I'm loved/hated by Canadians at the angry Scottish Mini Man in the Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Minis commercials. I'm adored by Americans and the British as the voice of Dan the Chameleon in the Hubba Bubba Max commercial. I'm represented for Voice and On-Camera acting by the awesome talent agent AMI (Artist Management Inc.). I like making funny little films, drawing cartoons, writing songs and encouraging people to recycle and to not idle their cars. I'm so green, in fact, that Laurie David would marry me. If she was attracted to me at all. Oh, and hey, I love meeting people who want to collaborate on making films so we can all get rich and famous. So directors, editors, cinematographers, sound people... Drop me a line!