jOSH FILIPOWSKi, Comedian, Impresario jOSH FILIPOWSKi, Comedian, Impresario

jOSH FILIPOWSKi, Comedian, Impresario

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JOSH FILIPOWSKI attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he performed in the Humorology Show each year. Pursuing his studies in humor, he moved back to New York and participated in Chris Murphy's Stand-Up Workshop at the New York Comedy Club jump starting his comedy career. Due to the nonexistence of comedy in Westchester, he brought Like 2 Laugh Productions together for its first show in March, 2003. Since then he has produced and performed in countless shows, including projects for NBC and Habitat for Humanity. When not producing a Like 2 Laugh show, he performs at multitudes of stages in the city. Utilizing his sharp wit and keen word play Josh entertains audiences from High Schools to Senior Centers, relating best with college students & young professionals. A clever exploration of relationships, life lessons and experiences with topics ranging from meeting significant others to learning Spanish, Filipowski delivers hilarity guaranteed. Energized refreshing views combined with audience incorporation, he creates a fun experience for all. In addition to the comedy stage, Josh himself and his writing have appeared in several shows, short films, websites and publications including MSG, NY, The Comical Magazine, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jokes (Alpha/Penguin), ABC's i-CAUGHT & Metro's Cool in Your Code. “Filipowski is the Gandolfini of comedy.” -George Sarris “The longer his hair gets the funnier he becomes.” -Christian Finnegan “Josh Filipowski is an ill cat who rocks the mic.” –Dan Curry “You will always possess a charm and sense of humor that attracts others. Lucky Numbers 40, 35, 12, 47, 38, 22” –Uncle Dai’s Fortune Cookie FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT 914-629-1225 &