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Fame Is Wasted On the Famous

Fame is Wasted on the Famous, isn’t it? We are a web-based comedy duo comprised of Josh McClenney and Ira Heinichen, founded in 2009. Part comedy series, part blog, and part twitter feed, the aim is to entertain those familiar and unfamiliar with the rat race that is “Hollywood.” It’s a twisted place of dreams and heartbreak…someone’s got to share the dirty details. Josh and Ira are two naive young actors from anywhere USA who land in hollywood with dreams of making it big but they find their path to stardom is not as easy as they had imagined. Along the way their world is populated by friends and enemies, some of whom they could probably learn from, and many more from whom they shouldn’t, but do anyway. Struggling actors in the classic sense, they also struggle in nearly every other sense, because even the simplest tasks prove difficult for this well meaning but often bumbling pair.