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Josh Van Cleave

is up to no good

About me, Im a funny guy. i like funny things and funny instances. humor is funny and i like funny. if we were to create a graph of funnieness and place humor on one side and funny on the other my funny/humor point would be in the far right corner. i like funny so much i missed my grandmothers funeral for it. vaugeness.. not so fond of but funny woo! funny. sure i may be a little weird sometimes and i may have a few dibilitating ticks like terrets, and a violent paranoia that somewhere a group of angry peta members is forming a plan to get me like some kind of after school extra credit assignment. Im just your average guy that lives in his mothers storage room, on an inflatable couch,with a hole it. i have to air the goddamn thing up three times a night or im sleeping on the freakin floor. anyways if you wanna be my friend or send food then by all means try.