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is qi with it all.

Mum always told me not to post personal information on the internet, so here goes: I eke out a living in the Australian Film and Television (cottage) industry. I currently produce a weekly music/comedy tv show called "triple j tv with The Doctor", bits of which I'll be bunging up here cos they're bloody funny. I like movies, good food and big-noting myself. I avoid drinking good wine because I can't afford to develop a taste for it. I prefer to buy a bargain than to buy something I actually want. A few years ago I got hammered, somersaulted down some stairs, landed on my head and broke my back. Talk about funny. Luckily I can still walk, although I am half a centimetre (1/4 inch) shorter than I used to be. Also funny. At the end of this year I go into preproduction on my first feature. Yee-ha.