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oh man this is confusing

Some say I'm a lunatic, some say they hate me, I make alot of people laugh though. I've always been a big fan of comedy I can speak in many different tones I can sing, I write music and most of the time when I sit down to play guitar I'll spout off with some lyrics about how my little brother likes ball juice or something, I type really slow and suck with computers I feel primitive when I do this so I'll pick back up on this uh......... about me stuff later oh uh, glad to be a member......... joe. Okay I'm back, so a little more about myself........ uh well I work in a nursing home and sometimes can't help but laugh at the crap that the old people do, some of them seem lost, it's like alzheimer's paradise, an old dude that lives there has volunteered for the kitchen and serves ice cream to the rest of the old people he has been doing the same thing every day for 20 years, yeah he's old, anyway I was born in california, and raised there half my life and that cali mentality really sticks with you for some reason and I piss alot of these oklahomans off with it, I guess they don't understand the attitude and well alot of my friends here haven't even been out of this state...........just my opinion, OKLAHOMA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss california with the beaches and desert and desert and well, I was young there so it's not like I could jump in to my bigfoot powerwheel and hit the road, well I could have but I probably would have just gone to the playground at my elementary school and probably would have gotten mugged by a gang for the little plastic rims on the little blue monster truck for midgets God I miss that thing enough about me, lets talk about you