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is excited about his radio show

RIGHT AND WRONG is an independently produced, politically INCORRECT Talkshow currently broadcasting every Saturday evening at 6:30 PM (PST) on KTSTFM.COM. Hosted by conservative Jon Matthews the program unashamedly advances conservative ideals (the right way) while exposing the lame liberal agenda (the wrong way) thus the name of the show...RIGHT and WRONG. The show carries several segments all of which may or may not be included in any particluar broadcast. You'll either want to slap me on the back or slap me in the face...either way I promise to speak the just have to deal with it. Show segments LAWYERS, GUNS & MONEY - All the junk that fit the news media’s template as news. BETWEEN THE SHEETS - Commentary on the latest intercourse between special interests and whores of national, state and local politics. ONLY IN AMERICA - Idiosycracies exclusive to American culture. TEARS AND FEARS - Hear the latest on the fastest growing professions in America today..."Activism" as they inflame the ignorant passions that generate ribbons, all supported by your tax deductible contributions. RICH, FAMOUS & LAME - Document with us the "meltdown" of the the news media as they unabashedly galmorize celebrity gossip and call it good journalism. WHAT THE @#$%^! - Proving beyond the shadow of a doubt the mind is a terrible thing to waste, listen in to stories that leave you with the impression that perhaps the liberal's contention we evolved from monkeys is correct. IT COULD HAPPEN - Here are stories we hope to hear of soon. You be the judge between fact or fiction.