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Jonathan Darden

Jonathan Darden

Jonathan Darden Jonathan Darden

Jonathan Darden is a renaissance man who grew up on the South side of Arlington, Virginia, in the 1980's. During that time, South Arlington was home to many low-income families whose backgrounds and cultures varied greatly. "We used comedy as a buffer against bullies and life's challenges". This upbringing of poverty and diversity spawned dreams of a career in the arts focused on comedy. After taking three years of television and theater production in school, he parlayed that experience into First Place for Best Commercial in the Virginia State Vocational Competition in 1992. Shortly after school, the birth of his daughter pushed Jonathan further from his artistic pursuits and towards more business savvy endeavors. He created several businesses that range from the field of finance to marketing and entertainment. One of the companies he established supports and donates toward an Autism Awareness movement, which gained immediate media attention nationwide. With all of his business experience, Jonathan had turned back to his "artistic roots". He has performed stand up at many venues, most notably the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. "Please God Someone Normal" is his directorial and editorial debut, as well as his first experience as a producer. This movie, entirely filmed in South Arlington, is his homage to the community that inspired him to never quit. In addition to doing stand-up comedy, Jonathan owns several local based businesses, including Ivy Street Productions an entertainment company who's name is symbolic of the street in which he grew up. Darden made his acting debut in the upcoming release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (2013) and is a member of SAG-AFTRA. He has produced and directed two feature length documentaries due out late 2012 and produces his very own Big Show Spectacular comedy variety show annually which features headlining comedians from around the Nation. Entrepreneur, businessman, comedian and father, Jonathan can't help but see the funny side of his life and relationships