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Metro Jethro

Hi I’m Jon Reep. Comedian, Actor, & Metro Jethro. What is a Metro Jethro? If you were born and raised in a small town, but now either live or work in a big city. That’s a Metro Jethro. We take the good parts of small town life and apply them or adapt them to big city life. We’re not stupid rednecks, but some of our best friends are. We’re well-read necks! Blue collar scholars. Are you a Metro Jethro? Maybe you’ve seen me on Comedy Central’s "Premium Blend" or the half-hour special "Comedy Central Presents Jon Reep". Maybe you’ve seen me on TBS’s "Pit Stop Comedy", NBC’s "Late Friday", or the ABC Sitcom "Rodney" as Officer Gerald Bob the dim-witted cop. If not then you probably know me from Dodge’s popular ad campaign as the "Hemi guy". I’m known to millions as the redheaded hillbilly in the Dodge Ram commercials who leans out of a beat-up car and utters the now famous line "That thing gotta Hemi?" Or maybe you know me from when we drank cheap beer together somewhere in some bar with a raccoon on the sign outside. Anyway, I want everybody to know for honest no bull that it’s me here on line, not some tech guy or some PR intern or some robot with a red mullet and freckles. If you’re talking to me, you’re talking to me, because that’s how I roll baby. But before that I was already one of the hardest working comics in America, selling out clubs and getting standing ovations at college after college across the country. My show is supersonic energy filled with non-stop characters, super clever writing. So check out my schedule and come out and see me at a club near you