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I am the Grey Wizard Dude. These videos are culled from my kickstarter video for a cdpaw cdholder. Please support it: http// This is a 111% art project cloaked in a 51% design project stuck to a 49% book project, combined with the 6% of video value – Holy Smokes that is 211% of value! Any possible eventual CDPaw revenue will hopefully finance the furtherance of my 30 other patentable ideas in areas of office products, renewable green energy, shoes, electronics accessories, virtual training, pizza promo products, & like the paws the primary design criteria is that they have low enough fixed costs for me to bring them to life myself because banks don’t finance new products. I humbly ask for your assistance. Again, thanks to all in advance for your contributions and support! Your expectations, verified by your donation, is the pressure necessary to get this project complete which has more at stake than you will ever know. Enjoy the CDPaws, they work well. Please do not use them for nefarious purposes, at least don’t tell me if you do.