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In the Guinness Book of World's Records for the world's most spiritually abusive, biggest prick. Wrote an autobiography called, "How To Be a Prophet While Still Being a Jerk". I'm not everything you think I am or appear to be. What you see is just my TV personality. I'm a different person behind the scenes. None of my teachings are fresh - they're all rehearsed and memorized. I've been giving the same messages for at least 15 years; even all my jokes and stories I tell - had you fooled, didn't I? I put on good act so you'll buy my books, CD's, take my classes and attend my conferences. I'm not a prophet. I'm just a sleazy slimy smooth talking salesman who makes my rounds to churches across the country and doesn't care about anyone but myself; and I'll step on anyone to get what I want. My insecurity makes me a very controlling person. I have a way of mesmerizing and hypnotizing people and suspending their judgement so they bow to me and do whatever I ask them, even though it is blatantly unbiblical. I'm sort of a Jim Jones type cult leader. I'm also a huge bully and love being that way. JPJ = John Prick Jackson John Saul Jackass John Paul Jezebel