John Halloran John Halloran

John Halloran

Friendships are measured not by length but by depth...

I live for life itself. I wonder at the awesome creation with which we have each been blessed. I firmly believe that I have a God who walks with me daily in my journey, and that we often forget about the tender mercy which is offered each and every moment of our lives. I have truly been blessed with great friends and an incredible family. I love to see the skies gray with the promise of rain, or bright blue with streaks of color as the sun's light reflects on the clouds in its rising and its setting. I have no idea why I know the people I do, or why I am surrounded by such unique, interesting and caring individuals. But I know that each meeting is an opportunity to share the gifts, the talents, and the Love with which God has blessed each of us. Some day, I will be permitted to look back on my life and see "The Plan." But while I am here, in its midst, I must grow each moment for Him who sent me. Each meeting, each moment, each connection is a gift, which I must not waste. I am not perfect, and I know that I make mistakes. But I have been forgiven through the miracle of the Cross, and I have been given Life through the redemption of the Resurrection. Email me, get to know me - I love to sit, drink a beer, and get to know you. Life's too short to miss the opportunity granted! Peace!