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i'm naked.

one day in the seventh month of the year nineteen hundred and sixty, a long thought to be extinct Tibetan Yeti and a most beautiful Peruvian princess found each other in a wooded glen and having decided (after several 5ths of Jack Daniel's) that each was what the other desired more than all other things, they threw caution to the wind and consummated a one night relationship with the hoots and howls of passion so exuberant that the trees shook, the caribou stampeded, and the woodchucks touched themselves. like all great tragic love stories the affair was short lived. it happens that the earth did in fact move. the tremors caused surrounding mountains to lay upon the valley, the burden that had so long been carried by them. vast amounts of snow covered the unwary lovers, squelching their fiery passion, thrusting clouds of steam into the atmosphere that resulted in a rain that lasted for 9 months. on march 20,1961 1135 am a baby was born. the clouds parted, and the sun shone bright. it was the 1st day of spring and the dawn of a new age. they called him joe.