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Joe Murphy

is thinking that Eli might have down syndrome but hes still his quarterback

What do you get when you have a blind human sexuality professor for a father and a mother who worked at a lingere shop from when you were 2-12 then have the parents split up when you are 6....The funny fat mess that you see before you. Joe Murphy brings a mix of sexual humor and stories of a rather interesting childhood and puts them all together in one melting pot of an at best moderately funny stand up routine. Not afraid to speak his mind or drink his face off, you never know what will come out of his fat face. Joe Murphy was born in Valley Stream, New York. The same hometown as comedian Jim Breuer. Like Jim, Joe always looks like he is stoned...unlike Jim, Joe probably is. Joe Murphy wrote this himself in the third person after his idol Rickey Henderson. Joe Murphy is going to go kick his own ass for writing this bullshit. Who I'd like to meet Chris Benoit, Derek Jeter, John Mark Karr, Michael Jordan, Jesus, Michael Strahan, Lindsay Lohan