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Drivin' my life away

Few attributes to list here - still searching for the elusive self; Happy go lucky, live and let live, down to earth person who tries to tell the truth; Suffer from short term memory loss; Widowed 15 years ago; Caregiver for my girlfriend of 12 years; Former maintenance mechanic and machinist; Former smoker and drinker (7 & 11 yrs.); Former balanced person (see line above); Enjoy a good civil discussion about deep things; Enjoy a good laugh or a mild chuckle; Enjoy all the seasons - (winter too long); Love tasty food - anything goes; Love weekend getaways and one-tank trips; Love our 2 cats - they're my buds; Have narcolepsy, so I sleep around; Artist - work with pencil, ink, some color; some watercolor; too chicken to try canvas; not many works but lots of potential. Inventor, writer, dreamer. Favorite song and video http// e-mail Send me pictures, dammit!

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