J. F. Kinyon J. F. Kinyon

J. F. Kinyon

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

I'm probably best known as the twisted mind behind the film "God Squad!" which I wrote, produced and directed in 2002. I've been a filmmaker, comedic writer, and actor since the early age of 8. I developed a love for satire and parody while under the influence of Mad Magazine, Cracked, & National Lampoon. I was also a huge fan of Mel Brooks movies and listened tirelessly to Lenny Bruce records. My biting sense of humor goes much deeper, deep down in my genes... my dad, my grandfather and his father all had the same type of twisted humor combined with a drive to make people laugh and/or uncomfortable. If I succeed in either one of those I'm as happy as a crab louse on a transexual hooker in Vegas.