Jesse and Jesse TV Show Jesse and Jesse TV Show

Jesse and Jesse TV Show

From creators Michael Mizov and Shawn Erickson comes a show about friendship, work, life, love, and no-holds-barred lunacy. One part madness, two parts crazy. Jesse and Jesse takes you on a wild ride with two unlikely friends and subsequent coworkers as they attempt to maintain their sanity in a seemingly normal town full of oddball characters and outlandish situations. As reporter and photographer, respectively, for a low-brow newspaper with dwindling readership, the Jesse's have to deal with a narcissistic and idiotic boss who shouldn't be allowed to own a business, and a sexpot secretary whose attitude is only outweighed by her conservative bent. The offices of the Daily Times Tribune Gazette keep the Jesse's running in circles as they try to maintain their jobs and their sanity. Filled to the brim with all manner of comedy and comedy-related nouns, Jesse and Jesse will keep you laughing until it hurts.