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Do you ever fall asleep playing Madden and wake up with it being 1st and 69 on y

My arch nemesis is "The Shart" and in my free time trying to avoid confrontations with him I like to make funny videos and put them on the internet so white trash like me can see how other white trash is living in different parts of the country... I have a dog named Shadow, she has a "vaginaneck" and if you don't believe me I can prove it with photos... I have a girlfriend who I am going to marry next year only because she put up with me as a total fucktard alcoholic for a year and basically saved my life. I don't think just "going down" on her a couple times is acceptable payment for such a feat of kindness so I asked her to marry me. Any other questions...feel free to ask and I will answer them when I get time...( I like to look at Internet porn a lot , so don't hold your breath)