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Jeffrey Ford was born in Detroit, MI in 1980. When he was a child, he had a incredible imagination, and he started writing jokes. One day he decided to started telling jokes to his cousins and they laughed. That is when he knew that he wanted to be a comedian. After graduating from Michigan State University, he decided to take a stand up comedy class at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, Michigan. On November 6, 2002 he performed his first performance, and it was a success. Jeffrey has been performing ever since. His unique style has been known to make audiences laugh, think, and want to laugh some more . His material comes from life experiences such as getting picked on, going to college, dating, one liner jokes that audiences find to be silly, and many other topics. Jeffrey has performed in many comedy clubs all across the country . He has performed in several comedy competitions such as The Detroit International Comedy Festival, The Canadian Mist Comedy Competition, The Arizona Iced Tea Competition and many more. So be sure to check him out when he is performing in a town near you.