JeffGordonDirector! JeffGordonDirector!


Holy shit. I'm back. Man...did prison suck.....!

After graduating from the Westminster College Of Trucking, Beauty, Nursing,Welding and Film, I decided to put my skills to work. When I was 10 years old, I directed the "Shogun" mini-series for NBC. Unfortunately I was fired after I punched Richard Chamberlain in the mouth because he called my girlfriend a whore. Then, a few days later, I snuck back on set and crapped on the floor of his trailer. Anyway, I was blacklisted for about 17 years. In 1997, I started finding work as a director in the music video business. After a few years, I started directing commercials and things really took off. I traveled the world, shooting in many different countries over the years - France, Israel, Alaska, San Diego... Currently, I'm Assistant Manager at a Pep Boys in Chino and I share a motel room with an Asian transvestite dental assistant. Tomorrow, I have a pitch meeting with Zalman King for a children's show based on "The Red Shoe Diaries". Wish me luck!