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Inhabiting the Outer Rim since 2006

Experienced the Jedi Trials in Wyoming where I came of age. David Letterman is correct; there is a lot to do there - more than most of you are doing or will have ever done...Outward Bound on a daily basis at times. Yes, I've met Dick Cheney - several times in fact. Guess what? Qui-Gon Jinn also met Darth Sidious - he just didn't realize when he met him that he was a Sith Lord, too. It happens. If you have to know, my lightsaber is purple. I like it - it cuts through stuff really well - better than a Ginsu knife at any rate. It is also helpful to know that I am doing a PhD in History in Scotland and it's expensive! Furthermore, with no real Mexican food it's like being in the outer rim. Send Canned, Diced Green Chiles please! Stuck on Kessel... JMC

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