JC Coccoli JC Coccoli

JC Coccoli

Just poured myself a vanilla vodka & diet coke. It's 3:14 pm. I'm fine, right?

Hi my name is JC Coccoli. I happen to be a comedian, actress and a word ninja. I perform live and when I do, people usually say to me. "Man, you're funny and pretty." You can say that to me to if you want. No pressure though. Also, I have an alter-ego that happens to live in a fairy tale land far, far close by..Her name is Princess Helmet and she has her on show call "Whatchu Know Bout a Princess?" and she sure is a wild child. She has been locked in a tower most of her life so it's fun to watch her talk to the world without actually being allowed to talk to anyone for real. That's enough about me, I'm too famous to write my own bio.