Jason Jehoseaphat. Jason Jehoseaphat.

Jason Jehoseaphat.

Birds Fly, Fish Swim, I Human

Not much to say but here's a paragraph. I grew up in a Jehova Witness househould. So every Holiday to me is a bummer. I have two older brothers So I can never live up to anything as long as they are alive. I also have two older sisters, which explains kinda why I'm fond of somethings. I grew up in an old church that was made into a house so everyone in town knew it was haunted and it was. My dad liked to drink alot so I do too so I guess he did a good job of raising his replacement in society. My mother had a traumatic childhood, something involving one of her relatives, so that twinkle in her eye is not what it seems. I grew up in New England, I lived in California, I am now in North Carolina and I stick out like a sore thumb. I've been married, but when she started to take the head pills, she kinda got a twinkle in her eye too and then she ran off to Texas with the dogs and I think she now is raising Llamas or something. I did go to school eventually and graduated with a degree and all and now work in computers. I get to work from home and don't really interact with people that much except when work is over and I go get some beers. Ten Good things about me are that I Go to church, I am Clean, I have a decent Job, I am Smart, I do Want to get married & Have family, I am Independent, I am Resourceful, I am Mature, I am Strong and I can Cook. Ten Bad things about me are. I Smoke, I Drink. I have an old Car, I do have some Debt. I don't exercise much, I'm bit of a Porn Freak, I am sometimes Moody, I Procrastinate, I am a Poor Financial Planner, I'm not good at building social relationships. Based upon that, any hot chicks out there looking for this fine fellow?