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The Pharoah is here son!!!!!!

Jay began imitating cartoon characters and faculty in junior high school. Some people thought Jay just wanted to annoy his teachers or to be known as the “class clown.” But as the impressions became stronger, the list of those imitated got longer, and true talent began to shine through. Because of his gift, Jay was able to grace the stages of Tidewater area comedy venues at just 15 years old. Since then, he’s wowed audiences all over the country, performing with comedians’ Ardie Fuqua, Shortie, Tony Woods, Michael Blackson, Charlie Murphy, and most recently, Nephew Tommy. He also garnered the attention of Def Comedy Jam’s Talent VP, Bob Sumner, who likened him to a young Chris Tucker. But most compare him to a young Eddie Murphy—especially Charlie Murphy, who called Jay his “protégé” on New York’s top hip-hop station, Hot 97, during an interview last June. Jay’s been a staple on Murphy’s comedic team ever since. Jay attributes his success to God’s good grace and a strong support system. His most recent accomplishment—the completion of his first DVD project, The Premature Miracle.