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Yeah. I'm that guy.

I wasn't in X-men. Nor did I appear on the Showtime television series Queer as Folk. Do I realllly look like Bud Bundy? Nope, never was on any sort of Saturday morning sitcom. You have seen me though. Yes. It's on the tip of your tongue. Ookay, I'll wait for you to figure it out...(me interrupting you)...is it Step by Step? Boy Meets World? Yeeahhahah, that's it isn't it? Yes, I know you like grew up with that show. Well, I'm very happy to meet you too. Sure, I'll sign the back of your Forever 21 receipt...unless you have another piece of paper...no? Just a receipt. Sure thing. Yeahh, I don't really send autograph photos. Too much responsibility. I know. I know, "damn I'm short". Yes. Thank you so much for pointing that out. You know who's really short? Bud Bundy. You know who's kind of a dick? Hal Sparks. The guy from X-men? We only share a last name but aren't really related. No...no I never nailed Topanga. That's a Ben Savage question. Cheers.