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is waiting. Forever waiting. Funny and tragic....ha, ha, ha...

Here's a funny story. BOTH my parents had cancer. I wrote inspirational, rhyme-time stories and they enjoyed them. I cut and paste royalty free clip art together and hung the pictures on their hospital walls. It was pretty cool. So, I made "promotional videos" and wanted to generate income for my family. Imagine that - my wife could have married an investment banker. An NFL star. But no, she gets stuck with the guy with pictures of positive messages. 8x10. It's pathetic. I won't give it up. It's hilarious too. Now nobody in my family will talk to me. I'm a loon. I guess we all are at times. So - you think you have it bad? Dude - you have no idea. Enjoy life. Laugh. Smile. And, FIND YOUR MESSAGE....good God WHY CAN'T I STOP?!!!! NOBODY WILL EVER GET IT!!!!