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If you fuck with me, I will terminate your ass, I can time travel, yes I am the only movie director in the world who has actually made people disappear and I can time travel, for real. Yes I did go into the future, and find a body builder, and bring him back too the past, and make him the biggest movie star in the world, and then, made him a governor, and he will soon be the president, wait and see. If you ever see me on the street, just yell out , hey JC your the greatest, and I will say ya I know. Just remember these few things. I have control over governors, terminators, piranhas, aliens, 3D, time travel, and the box office. I can also drive a mean truck if I have too, and I make more money in a minute, actually strike that, more in a second then you will in your entire life, so don't ever play with me or you will be terminated, and I won't have to come back a second time.