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Who's down? My AIDS suicide-prevention plan: If infected by the aids, host AIDS

-I'm not a flesh and/or brain eating zombie. -I only dress as a woman when attending sexy parties with my close pal, J. Edgar Hoover. -I read the Bible and Reverend Charles was indeed correct, Luke is NOT from New Jersey...and neither is Snooki -I had three apples, and I took away two apples....I still had all three though, my teacher's lied to me when they said I only had one. -It would be totally gay if Pink was the leader. -If kids say "the darndest things", WTF is Bill Cosby spewing then? Akthough, I suppose trying to raise a family without the ability to interact with the physical world would drive anyone mad eventually. -How does loving me tomorrow help when I need it now; and yes, I called JG Wentworth, they said they're only able to help if it involves money.

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