Jake Dewar, Comedian-Tragedian Jake Dewar, Comedian-Tragedian

Jake Dewar, Comedian-Tragedian

Jake Dewar is an actor, comedian, musician, filmmaker, and Jewish Scotsman. He is a graduate of North Central College, where he received his B.A. in Theatre, as well as the Second City Conservatory, iO training center, and the Annoyance. From a young age, Jake was recording and producing his original sketch/musical comedy CDs and DVDs, continually aspiring to improve his acting, writing, and musicianship. On the stage and screen, Jake channels the spirit of a little boy who creates worlds in his bedroom and never leaves home...within the body of a 6'1'' twenty-something year-old. His smart-but-silly characters are as wide-ranging as the musical styles he pays homage to with his dexterous guitar chops and versatile vocals, creating a theatrical style of humor that balances playful fun with thoughtful satire. Jake currently resides in the Chicago area.