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Back in the USA working in new tunes

WELCOME to the CHURCH OF JACKNIFE Pee Wee Bobbit Guitar, Harmonica, Harp, Bassoon, Speak and Spell Nigel Thundercock Vocals, Bass, Cow Bell, Trumpet, Recorder. Billy Bob Hymen Guitar, Sax, Harmonica, everything else TO JOIN THE CHURCH OF JACKNIFE ONE MUST ..BOW DOWN AND EMBRACE THE KNIFE Embracing the Knife is accomplished when one follows the RULES OF THE KNIFE 1 -You don't need a porcupine to go straight to H-E-Double Hockeysticks. 2 - Everything should be made as simple as possible but no simpler. 3- If you think you're fat, you probably are. 4 - If it itches, it will be scratched 5 - Its better to inflate than shave 6 - Those Chickens are asking for it 7 - Sigmund Freud was directly responsible for androids 8 - Wash your ass. 9 - Its cold in the D 10 - Easy on the mayo! Read more http//www.myspace.com/jacknifelive#ixzz0txq2m8l5