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My new wild, crazy political impressions videos are up!!!

Originally from NJ; new to LA. I'm an "ECO-medienne" (Environmental Stand-up Comedienne and Impressionist. I have been an avid environmentalist and involved with similar causes since I was 13 years old. In terms of comedy, I did SOLELY IMPRESSIONS in NYC for 2 years (including 2 years of Improv & Sketch Comedy with groups Nat Turner Revue's Los Banditos Chocolates & Undiscovered Treasure), then 2 years of Animal Rescue/Eco-work in NJ, then moved to LA, dropped the impressions completely to work other aspects of my life into my act, including the humanitarian stuff. Now, I am doing BOTH the impressions AND the personal stuff. Jim Carrey did the same thing. Anyway, for more info on me, you can check out my below slide show, photo albums, or blog! Below photos by Steve Prezant, Eric Heiser, Richard Grasso, and George Olsson. CARING for our planet is NOT CONTROVERSIAL, it's COMMON SENSE. Hope your day rocks, Jackie