jackattackturbo jackattackturbo


it's impossible for me not to laugh when i see someone trip and fall. it's kind of like watching clowns. it's amusing when there is a big crowd, but extremely awkward if it's just the two of you. i only type in lowercase because reaching over to the caps lock key or alternatively using the shift method is just too much effort. my doctor suggested that i may suffer from cluster headaches and i couldn't contain myself. i enjoy making inappropriate comments at the dinner table when my mom has company over. i want to know if animals can have abortions... if vets perform elective animal abortions. birds are either really cool or just ok. i want to attend an over-eater's anonymous meeting and shout "i'm cured". i have a fear of heights. i also have a fear of snakes. i pooped a little when watching snakes on a plane. why do monkeys throw poop? did homo sapiens throw poop at one point? i like to think what that evolution chart would look like. donnie was my favorite new kid on the block. he was the one accused of rape. i've never been successful at picking the right men. if madonna was not famous, i would probably think she was homeless and a very thin man.