Izabella Miko

Why walk when you can fly!

Izabella Miko Izabella Miko

Never wanted to act, but it seemed like it was the only job that accepted minor insanity, constant need of approval and considered my ability to burst out crying a "talent". I try to make being green- sexy and sexy beings- into passionate environmentalists. I wrote a novel when I was 7 years old, where Michael Jackson fell in love with my dancing, bought me a wedding dress and took me away from Poland. Now I danced my way into US, but MJ has left the building, I decided to hang out for a bit- regardless. Not a girly girl- don't get mani/pedis but sometimes I have to, because they take pictures of me and cameras can zoom in really close nowadays. I'm an artist, but I love stealing for a good cause, so I also produce. I love to cook and garden when I'm mad and I dance on my rooftop when I'm happy. Don't approach me with a plastic bag or processed food. I'm a giver, but fall for takers- currently working on it. I get turned on by the silence of an electric car, big tall men with small carbon footprints and hearts of gold.