King I'Wante King I'Wante

King I'Wante

The Diamond of Comedy

I'Wante, the self-proclaimed diamond of new generation comedy, is a comic entertainer from Brooklyn, NYC creating his own lane with a confident and sharp tongue. I'Wante combines musical theatre, comedy and hip hop with hilarious narrative and a confident attitude. His style brings high energy, modern twists and an award winning performance only seen by some of the best comedians. I'Wante's comedy album Fifty Shades of Gay released in Dec. 2012, addresses political and social issues (such as the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.), as well as his myriad of off-beat love relationships. His new "Yasss , I'm Cumming!" Comedy Album has been released in August 2014 and promises to be more sexual, making you laugh and turning you on at the same time!" If you need a good laugh or if you feel like brightening your mood for the day, then go and visit I'Wante's website for more information -