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Ivann DeCarlo


I was born Christopher Scott Hanson in Chicago, Ill. on Wednesday April 28,1976. He was there until early 1990 when my Mother and Grandmother decided to move to Conroe Texas where my life changed. It was while continuing to grow into adulthood, that I became a huge fan of Lucille Ball. Over the years my fan dome grew into loving a lot of old sitcoms, one of which was The Munsters. I taught himself to do accents and imitations of many old TV and cartoon characters including the Munsters, Scooby Doo, Larry Fine (THANKS TO BILLY WEST) Desi Arnaz and others. Over the last few years I have become a huge fan of Benny Hill and one day hope to make a movie about his life. I am currently trying to make a new Vampire Slayer series. I changed my name to Ivann DeCarlo not only because I am a fan on Yvonne DeCarlo, but, also to have a better name for the picture business. If you wonder why I'm adding you, it's because I'm trying to make new friends and gain an audience of Vampire and Benny Hill fans.