Cassandra Cassandra


Hi im Cassandra Linger i was born on 25-1-1994 my youtube channel is http// so add me at youtube & watch me sing sometimes i make video's for some special person, of when im in the mood, i make funny video's so chek it out i dont know anyone of this site, there's not 1 of my friends on this site, so thats why im free to add, & im open to make new friend. im a bieberlieber i love justin bieber so mutch, but im almost sure that i never gonna meet him but btw, he's songs are amazing & he is such a sweet person, he personality is great and he's funny & HOT! my favorite Bieber song is ''THAT SHOULD BE ME'' its so beautiful, i also love chris brown Usher & lil wayne & Pixie lot is great euhm sometings about me, i have long brown hair, & hazeleyes, i've got my tongue pierced & my gin. my favorite color is pink & my favorite food is , pizza & i love to go to the macdonals! i love the beach my friends me mother. i dont have a boyfriend, single & ready to mingle! & im not doeing drugs & alcohol okey now that was my story haha Add me that would be awesome