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is a noob to this site, so don't rape me in the shower

Well hello there! Welcome to the official It's Alive! Movie Co. FUNNY OR DIE page! We have created around 70 or so videos, scattered all throughout the internet. Most of which are on either youtube or myspace But don't go clicking no links just yet (add me on myspace, subscribe on youtube! I'm not asking, bitch. ...unless you take offense to that sort of language, in which case just ignore my shameless self promotion). If it's hilariousosity you seek, might as well just stay the hell on this profile. This is where we will upload all of our funniest videos. And by funniest, I mean (INSERT WITTY REMARK). And by upload, I mean (INSERT DEFINITION FOR 'UPLOAD'). Since this website is all about the funny. I will end on a joke (INSERT JOKE).