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LUCA TESCONI is naturally funny. He’s been performing in NYC comedy clubs for over ten years but he hasn’t been able to cash on his talent, yet. Thanks to his talent and attitude he can get away with anything when in front of an audience.In COMING TO AMERICA, Luca will bring together real American and “wannabes”. He will encounter hard working immigrants and not-so-hard working ones. The show will call out on everybodys participation: real people, politicians, pro immigration groups, against immigration groups etc… AMERICA is nation of immigrants. The show will welcome famous guests to help transform the yelling into a constructive dialogue. Everyone is welcome to let it out ah he/she sees it. The topic is very controversial and the radical changes that people’s minds will require might not be easily achieved every time. The purpose of the show is bring back to surface, once again, the true and embracing American spirit. LUCA will take the pulse of the debate and push it to a much needed laugh when it becomes too heated.