IncendiaryWanger IncendiaryWanger

Incendiary Wanger are Jack Shanik and Bobby Geronimo. Here's what of them, who they and where. One day, Jack Shanik popped out of his mummy's tummy. How Bobby Geronimo came into being is not entirely clear, although it is assumed he was also born much in the same way. Some of the time it is, some of the time it isn't. As they say in France, don't look at what is not between, see at what was never until. But ah but ah but, 'twas ever thus and yet never it, and whence they were was they was how. Consider the sausage. A tasty morsel but one that rarely questions its identity, with the noble exception of the Cumberland. Yet no war has been fought with sausage alone, except perhaps on the Western Terrace. Just imagine the look on their skirts when they saw the crocodile! And all that jam! So they are, so they were, perhaps until they henceforth, but not shall they darest it, and I shouldn't want them to neither.