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Imran Yusuf

"Imran Yusuf hits the stage with incredible energy and purpose. His riffs are hilarious and his choice of targets is evidence that he’s a comic that has something to say." Mark Breslin, CEO of Yuk Yuk’s International Stand-Up Comedy, Canada “Imran is something I’ve never ever seen before… he almost rapped his gig… it had the rhythm of a rap. I’ve never ever, ever seen anyone’s delivery like that.” Adam Bloom, BBC Radio 7 “It’s difficult to describe our middle act, Imran Yusuf, who is, in the reviewer’s opinion, the most exciting and original act to grace the Big Jack’s stage in a while. His lightning quick patter was mind boggling, veering crazily between different subjects and accents and demanding pop-eyed attention from start to finish. Definitely one to watch.” Big Jack’s Laughter Club “Gangling around the stage, all elbows and knees, ripping into himself in street slang. We were helpless with laughter - so many great gags in such a short time. We’ve never seen anything like it. He’s a proper original who could really go places”. Roar With Laughter “Now we were nearly at the interval, and with audience energy visibly sliding, Imran Yusuf made up for it with an explosive performance, using the whole stage, prowling, striding, stretching his long, spare frame to compel the attention. With a delivery like gunfire, and a gaze that raked the auditorium like a lighthouse beam, I thought he might have been placed for dynamism alone, never mind the harsh-voiced comedy that embraced terrorism, dinosaur impressions and a demolition of US hypocrisy. Not a comfortable viewing, but definitely exhilarating.” Julia Chamberlain, Hackney Empire New Act of The Year Final 2008 “Whippet-thin Imran Yusuf is almost cartoon-like in his physicality, prancing nimbly round the stage, striking clownish poses and gurning comically when it’s called for. It’s a tour-de-force delivery, full of infectious vigour and life.” Chortle 2008 “…sets a cracking pace with an impressive, rhythmic delivery you can’t help but get swept along with.” “…this fast-talking young spitfire wins hands-down. He is a genuinely refreshing voice, not defined solely by his faith, but a typical urban hybrid – as much informed by street culture and modern Britain as he is by his ethnic background. On top of that, he’s an instinctively funny man, whose rap-influenced patter comes as an invigorating blast of fresh air through any gig.” Chortle 2005